Whiskey and maple syrup duo - Coureur des bois 2 x 750ml

Dive into the world of Coureur des Bois with this exceptional duo blending the vivacity of Canadian whisky and the sweetness of maple syrup.
This assortment combines two flagship products of the brand: whisky liqueur and maple cream, both made from 100% pure maple syrup.

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In this exclusive duo, you will find:

The Canadian Maple Whisky - Coureur des Bois: A balanced spirit, combining the strength of Canadian whisky and the sweetness of pure maple syrup. A tasting experience for whisky enthusiasts, with a unique Quebecois touch.

The Maple Cream - Coureur des Bois: A skillfully measured blend of Canadian whisky, pure maple syrup and fresh cream. A delight for gourmets who appreciate the finesse of maple.

Tasting Experience in Duo

Each of these products illustrates the richness of Quebecois flavors. The whisky offers a bold tasting, while the maple cream seduces with its creamy sweetness.

This harmonious duo can be enjoyed in various ways: neat on ice, in a cocktail for a touch of originality, or even in coffee for an exceptional sweet sensation. A treasure of flavors that will delight the most refined palates.

Celebrate the Canadian heritage with this duo from the Coureur des Bois brand. A perfect combination for a unique and elegant tasting experience. Don't wait to discover this gem from Canada and let yourself be swept away by the intensity of its flavors.

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Whiskey and maple syrup duo - Coureur des bois
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