Spirits, Alcohols

Maple flavour has selected for you the best of typical Quebec liquors: whiskey liqueur, Ice cider, as well as finely brewed Quebec beers with an unavoidable taste!

Our Whisky liqueurs & Creams

Maple Flavors has chosen the best Canadian whiskey liqueurs for you! We offer the Sortilège Whiskey Liqueur which is the benchmark in terms of alcohol made from 100% pure maple. Sortilège follows a traditional recipe that strikes the perfect balance between the warmth of Canadian whiskey and the rich, velvety flavor of pure maple syrup. The result is a liqueur of remarkable finesse. You will find the famous Canadian whiskey Coureur des Bois which is also a reference in its field as well as its maple cream if appreciated at the end of a good meal.

Our Canadian beers

Our beer range is exceptional with the most essential beers in Canada, the beer "The end of the world" and the beer "Saint ambroise" with maple in particular. We offer all variants of Canadian beers: white, red, black and other exceptional recipes typical of Canada.

Our ice ciders & Wines

Savor and taste our iced ice ciders with tangy apple aromas while being fresh and balanced, the best in Canada. We offer unique Canadian ciders that will awaken your taste buds! Caribou, of Native American origin and folk in nature, is the benchmark for aperitif liqueurs, authentically Quebecois.