Sweet grocery

Canadian and especially Quebec cuisine is known for these sweet products and for its famous and succulent maple syrup. For lovers of delicacies and authentic products, our selection of typical Canadian products is made entirely for you!

Our 100% pure maple syrups

You will not be able to miss our selection of the best 100% Pure maple syrups. We offer different formats for a successful gourmet experience!

Maple Confectionery & Cookies

With our Canadian sweet products, your gourmet taste buds will be delighted! Our delicious maple treats and our maple leaf cookies available in different sizes and tastes: maple or maple and chocolate.

Quebec spreads

To make the best sandwiches, our range of maple-based spreads is made for you! Caramel, butter, jelly, jam spreads are available. Products unique in France.

Cranberry / Cranberry

Sweet delicacies go through Canada's iconic berries, you can discover Cranberry / Cranberry in dried forms or derived products!