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Discover our selection of savory products directly from Canada! Canadian specialties and traditional Quebec dishes renowned worldwide for their unique flavors.

Poutine, broad beans & spices

Maple Flavors offers you the best of typical Canadian poutine! The poutine sauce is a blessing! It is obviously used to make a succulent Poutine but also to enhance the flavors of your dishes with this delicious brown sauce.

We also offer beans in maple syrup, bison terrine whose meat is reputed to be excellent and of very good taste, Montreal steak spices to die for on braised meat.

Discover the Canadian spirit on your table with our selection of excellent blends of Quebec herbs and spices. You can flavor the recipes with broths, soups and soups, stews and stews, spaghetti sauces, rice and risottos, mashed potatoes and vegetables, and all your meats, and salads!

Canadian maple sauces

Our different maple based sauces such as the fabulous barbecue sauce with smoked maple and our mustard, both made with 100% Pure and artisanal maple syrup.