Maple Leaf Cookies

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Maple Leaf Cookies Packaging
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Maple Leaf Cookies

Distillerie Canada

Amber Maple Syrup

540 ml metal cane

North Hatley North Hatley
11,90 €
Maple Syrup Amber - Medium

Canadian Forest

Maple Flavour: about us

Maple Flavour is a French delicatessen specialized in Canadian products. Canadian culinary specialties that want the pleasure of the most greedy! You will find a set of typical Canadian products, both sweet and savory. Maple flavors strive to select Canadian products specially for you to help you discover the best 100% pure maple specialties. You will find sweet grocery and salty grocery as well as teas, infusions and syrups. Maple flavour also offers you a set of typical Canadian alcohols: Whiskey liqueur & Cream, Canadian beer, ice cider & wine. To please someone or please you, we offer typical Canadian gift boxes to enjoy a set of authentic dishes.