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Canadian Christmas gift


Canadian Whiskey with maple


Legend has it that Native American warriors played games of skill before battles. One of the games was to throw tomahawks with power and precision against the surrounding trees. The winner would drop his tomahawk into the tree as a sign of respect. Maple sap was later discovered dripping from the tomahawk blade.

Make it into the legend
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Whisky canadien à l'érable - Tomahawk

Lac Canada

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Maple Flavour is a French delicatessen specialized in Canadian products. Canadian culinary specialties that want the pleasure of the most greedy! You will find a set of typical Canadian products, both sweet and savory. Maple flavors strive to select Canadian products specially for you to help you discover the best 100% pure maple specialties. You will find sweet grocery and salty grocery as well as teas, infusions and syrups. Maple flavour also offers you a set of typical Canadian alcohols: Whiskey liqueur & Cream, Canadian beer, ice cider & wine. To please someone or please you, we offer typical Canadian gift boxes to enjoy a set of authentic dishes.

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