Bison Products

Discover our exclusive selection of bison terrines, a real invitation to taste this exceptional meat. Our terrines are the fruit of a close collaboration with "Bison d'Auvergne", where Matthieu & Christel, passionate and committed, raise their bison in the heart of the Auvergne.
Their respectful approach to the environment and their commitment to ethical farming guarantee top-quality bison meat.

Our carefully prepared terrines embody the authentic taste of bison meat, renowned for its low fat content and rich omega-3 and protein content. This exclusive selection offers you a unique culinary experience, combining delicate flavours with nutritional benefits. Whether for an original aperitif or a refined main course, our terrines will delight the most demanding palates.

By choosing our range of bison terrines, you're also supporting responsible farming and local production, promoting the know-how of the Auvergne region.
Let yourself be tempted by this unique taste experience, and share moments of pleasure around healthy and tasty products, direct from this French farm.


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