Maple Vocabulary

The time of the sugars and the harvest has finally arrived for a new maple groves and sugar shacks in Quebec are awake. The maple syrup producers bring out the flashlights for the taps and check if the evaporator is still in good condition. Discover the terms used in the maple business and become a tapping specialist yourself.


1. The Maple syrup Maker : A person who operates a sugar bush to produce maple syrup and various maple products.

2. The Blowtorch : A small, round, slightly conical pipe that is inserted into the notch to channel the maple water that flows out of it.

3. The Colorimeter : Instrument used to measure the color intensity of maple syrup by comparison with standard color solutions.

4. The Casting : This is the period during which the maple water drains from the tapping. This happens during the thaw.


4. The Maple Syrup Densimeter: Instrument to measure the density of maple syrup

5. The Maple Grove: Stand composed mostly of sugar maples, whose exploitation allows the production of various maple products.

6. The Evaporator: Apparatus used to evaporate maple water in order to concentrate it into syrup.

7. The Sugar Shack: Also called a sugar house, it is the place where maple products are made. The sugar house is located in the center of the maple grove where the maple farmer collects the sap from the maple tree in the spring.