Are you professionals, industrial?

Maple Flavour imports and distributes pure Canadian food products mainly from the Quebec region.With more than 80 references, the diversity of our products allows our customers to find the best maple products available.Selected by us, our products are chosen for their quality, their exclusivity on the territory of France and Europe and their aesthetics.Our suppliers are producers of maple syrup and maple product in general, renowned for their high quality of production, giving rise to exceptional products.We are contactable and attentive to inform you and advise you as soon as possible in the shortest time from Monday to Friday from 08h to 18h.Delivery everywhere in France, Europe and the UK every day.

Who are we ?

Saveurs à l'érable is a French delicatessen specializing in the distribution of high-end food products based on the internet.Also magnified food, we are located in the south of France, all our references are stored in our premises to offer our business customers a very fast delivery time.

We are grossite but for whom?

Delicatessen shops :

With a wide catalog in terms of category of products, among the must-have products of Quebec such as maple syrup, butter and caramel d'erble, our range of sweets and confectionery: our maple leaf maple biscuit as well as the maple candies are of the best quality possible. Not to mention cranberry and blueberry products,You will be delighted by the choices available to you and our unique but especially delicious products!

Restorations and hotels :

Our selection of maple products specially designed for large establishments,Specific packaging: maple syrup in dark 4L fomat suitable for baking, cranberry in bulk, 5kg poutine sauce mix, artisanal sodas, quebec beer and maple whiskey liqueurs unique in its production. kind,Everything to offer your customers exceptional products in formats that are advantageous to you!

Markets and events :

Our selection of products extremely aesthetic, to place on your stand during the Christmas markets.Maple syrup contained in a magnificent maple leaf glass bottle, Canadian gift boxes made to measure.All maple confectionery will delight your guests and guests during an eventWorks

Committees / Village Committees :

Our selection of Canadian gift boxes, gift box filled with the best maple products,We offer businesses the opportunity to introduce their culinary universe to their employees.Each box, each gift basket has been carefully worked so that the final result is at the top!It is of course possible to collaborate with you on one and only products that you would like to place in your own Christmas gift

Beer cellars / Bar :

Our selection of Maple Whiskey Liqueurs is one of our greatest pride, simply great and sumptuous products.Our range of Canadian beers are the most famous and most popular beers in Quebec.What to delight your regulars!