Tea, herbal tea and syrup

Taste our best teas, infusions and syrups that come straight from Quebec. The fruity and so authentic aromas of Canada will surprise you!

100% pure maple teas and herbal teas

Discover herbal teas, teas and infusions from Canada, picked with respect for the environment, with recognized virtues with blueberries, cranberries, Saskatoon berries. Our different maple, cranberry or blueberry infusions come only from Canada!

Canadian maple water

Maple Flavors offers Canadian water, renowned for all its virtues and health benefits with a slight maple flavor, you will not be able to resist it!

Artisanal sodas with organic maple syrup

Handcrafted sodas directly from Quebec will be an amazing discovery for you, a Canadian soft drink appreciated by our Canadian neighbors.

Organic fruit syrups

Our fruit syrups are from 100% organic farming! Our Canadian syrups are made from cranberries, blueberries and Canadian berry from Quebec. You will discover amazing flavors in the mouth!