Spreads of Quebec

Do you know the maple flavor spreads? We have selected for you the best spreads in Quebec!

Maple syrup spreads will be essential during your breakfast or your tasting break! We offer different Canadian delicacies to brighten up your taste buds and your delicacies.

The maple butter or maple fondant is undoubtedly the most famous of them, exceptional maple flavors on the palate to taste on your sandwiches.

Our delicious artisanal jams with cranberry and blueberries combined with pure maple will be ideal for the most gourmet.

Our maple caramel is 100% artisanal 100% Quebec terroir. The Canadian maple caramel is very creamy and very delicious! This maple caramel will accompany your ice creams, pancakes or waffles, but also simply on good fresh bread or directly with a spoon for gourmets.

Maple Flavour finally offers you a very original maple jelly! It is made up of a skilful blend between a young maple sap and a full-bodied maple syrup to distinguish it from traditional maple jelly.