Set of 3 jugs of amber maple syrup 3 x 1L

100% pure maple syrup, amber rich taste - Canada n ° 1. A set of 3 plastic jugs from the North Hatley sugar bush. Premium premium maple syrup that is economical and convenient to consume.

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The essential Quebec maple syrup is known for its virtues on health, indeed it has very great nutritional qualities thanks to the multitude of vitamins it contains in addition to minerals and trace elements.

Produced in spring during the sugaring season, it is the natural result of boiling maple water. This syrup allows the creation of a multitude of maple products, rich in distinctive and nutritious flavors, dear to Quebec traditions.

Maple syrup is much less caloric than sugar in equal quantity, in fact the energy value of maple syrup represents 1/3 less calories. It is also one of the only sugars to contain antioxidants in large quantities (4 times more than honey).

There are several categories of syrup, the amber maple syrup, with its subtle aroma of caramel is the most popular and appreciated for daily use. To accompany the famous pancakes, pancakes, waffles or even fruit or white cheese, this superior quality maple syrup will surprise you ... Keep in the refrigerator after opening.

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Composition Sirop d'érable 100% pur
Origin Prévost (Québec) Canada
Producer North Hatley

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