Maple herbal tea Box 20 sachet

A maple herbal tea, a blend of herbs, spices and natural maple flavors. This herbal tea recalls the sweetness of maple water...

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Expected Delivery: 11-27-2020

Product opinions Maple herbal tea (6)

L. Alain - 13.11.2020 NoteNoteNoteNoteNote
L. Hélène - 03.06.2020 NoteNoteNoteNoteNote
B. celine - 03.06.2020 NoteNoteNoteNoteNote
C. andre - 24.05.2020 NoteNoteNoteNoteNote
H. laurent - 01.04.2020 NoteNoteNoteNoteNote
T. Josseline - 23.02.2020 NoteNoteNoteNoteNote

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Capacity 20 sachet
Origin Québec (Canada)
Producer Érablière du Moulin

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