Spread - maple butter 150g

A maple butter from the North Hatley maple grove, obtained from their own pure maple syrup. Maple fondant is a very famous product in Quebec. A real delight to savor on your sandwiches in the morning or at tea time. The plus : without fat

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The North Hatley sugar bush, located in Prévost, Quebec, is a company specializing in the production of high quality maple products.

Used as a spread, maple butter is a semi-solid paste that does not contain fat but only sugar from syrup. The name "maple butter" comes from its consistency, but is not a dairy product. Devoid of fat and therefore milk, it has the same nutritional properties as maple syrup. It is therefore rich in mineral salts, potassium, magnesium and maganese.

Maple butter or maple fondant is often used as a spread on toast or croissants, like jam. The greediest among us will taste it squarely with a spoon! We can also use it as a pouring heart for muffins for example, excellent by the way.

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Composition Sirop d'érable 100% pur
Origin Prévost (Québec) Canada
Producer North Hatley
Spread - maple butter
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