Maple Leaf Cookies 400g

The must-have maple cookie in the shape of a maple leaf from the North Hatley sugar bush. Composed of 100% pure maple syrup, placed in a beautiful Canadian box. To savor at snack time! A real Quebec delight...

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The North Hatley sugar bush, located in Prévost, Quebec, is a company specializing in the production of high quality maple products.

Among their entire range of maple products, the famous maple syrup cookie stands out in the shape of a maple leaf. Without a doubt the flagship maple product of their maple grove renowned for the natural manufacture of their products, all made from their own 100% pure maple syrup.

Delicious Quebec cookies like you've never tasted !

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R. Thierry - 10.05.2021 NoteNoteNoteNoteNote
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Capacity 400g
Composition Farine de blé enrichie, huile de canola et huile de palme, sirop d'érable pur, glucose, amidon de mais, sel, bicarbonate de sodium, lécithine de soya
Origin Prévost (Québec) Canada
Producer North Hatley

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