Ice Cider - Entre Pierre & Terre 200ml - 12°

An ice cider elaborated during the harsh Quebec winters, the juices concentrate naturally under the action of the cold, the fermentations and maturings will last several months. The nose is very pure, with aromas of stewed apples, spiced pears and candied fruits. 

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Expected Delivery: 12-09-2023


Savour the unique blend of intensity and delicacy with our "Entre Pierre & Terre" Ice Cider. Carefully crafted during the harsh winters of Quebec, this cider presents a rich, concentrated flavor profile that only the most challenging weather conditions can create.

On the nose, this ice cider emits a very pure fragrance, a tantalizing medley of stewed apples, spiced pears, and candied fruits. Every sip of this ice cider takes you on a sensory journey, capturing the essence of Quebec's frosty winters and vibrant produce.

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Ice Cider - Entre Pierre & Terre
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