Canadian Whiskey with maple - Coureur des bois 750ml

Discover the Canadian whisky liqueur with 100% pure maple syrup from the famous Coureur des bois brand. A quintessentially Quebecois whisky that combines the strength of a powerful Canadian whisky with the distinctive flavors of maple. Experience the perfect blend of strength and smoothness, as well as a beautiful amber color. Indulge in this maple whisky that has everything to please you!

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The Canadian Whisky Coureur des Bois is an authentic and unique creation, combining a legendary aged peated Canadian whisky with top-quality pure Quebec maple syrup. This exceptional blend makes it a product proud of its roots, effortlessly rivaling the best Japanese whiskies.

Features of Coureur des Bois

This renowned maple whisky is carefully crafted, blending select ingredients:

  • Top-quality pure Quebec maple syrup
  • Aged peated Canadian single malt whisky blend
  • A subtle and malty balance on the palate
  • Intense maple aromas and caramelized notes

The Legacy of Coureur des Bois

The story of Coureur des Bois pays tribute to the intrepid traders who traversed the forests of New France to showcase the best products of the land. The distillery drew inspiration from this legend to offer the world a true Canadian treasure, an authentic and delicious maple whisky.

Acclaimed by Connoisseurs

The Whisky Coureur des Bois has won the hearts of whisky enthusiasts worldwide, as evidenced by the numerous awards it has received at international competitions.

Tasting Whisky Coureur des Bois

Tasting this Canadian whisky reveals an amber hue with golden highlights, an intense nose with maple aromas, and a subtly malty palate. The caramelized notes and the slight presence of rye add a gourmet touch to this whisky, whose round and bold finish is enhanced by a hint of maple syrup. Savor it on ice, in a whisky glass, or in a cocktail for a memorable tasting experience.

A Whisky that Stands Out for its Excellence

The Canadian Whisky Coureur des Bois is a true celebration of Canada's heritage and authentic flavors. This maple whisky, marrying a legendary aged peated Canadian whisky and pure Quebec maple syrup, offers a unique and refined tasting experience worthy of the world's greatest whiskies. Don't miss the opportunity to discover this Canadian treasure and let yourself be carried away by the richness of its flavors.

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Capacity 31,7°C, 750ml
Composition Whisky Canadien, sirop d'érable pur
Origin Frelighsburg, Québec
Producer Domaine Pinnacle
Usage Serve cold on ice
Canadian Whiskey with maple - Coureur des bois
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