Canadian Maple Whiskey Liqueur - Original Sortilège 700ml

Sortilège, whiskey liqueur with maple syrup. A perfect balance of flavors between Canadian whiskey and 100% pure maple syrup - Canada n°1. The inevitable maple whiskey renowned as the best in its category ! 

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"Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health and consume with moderation"

Sortilège is a unique blend of whiskey and 100% pure maple syrup. Fruit of the Quebec soil, Sortilège respects a traditional recipe which ensures the perfect balance between the warmth of Canadian whiskey and the rich and velvety flavor of pure maple syrup. The result is a liqueur of remarkable finesse.

Good to know: The whiskey is aged for a minimum of three years in white oak barrels rigorously selected to offer you an exceptionally smooth mouth.

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Alcohol 30°
Capacity 700ml
Composition Whisky canadien, pur sirop d'érable
Origin Boucherville, Québec
Producer Mondia Alliance
Usage Servir froid sur glace

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