Blueberry, berry and maple jam 250g

A jam from the Quebec soil of the North Hatley sugar bush. Combining the delicious flavors of blueberries, berries and maple, composed of 100% pure artisanal maple syrup, blueberries and small fruits of the highest quality. On a slice of bread in the morning, it is delicious ! 

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The North Hatley sugar bush, located in Prévost, Quebec, is a company specializing in the production of high quality maple products.

Among their entire range of maple products, the spreads are essential, including blueberry jam, berries and maple. As a reminder, North Hatley products are made in a natural way, all made from their own 100% pure maple syrup.

Taste delicious Canadian rusks with these spreads exclusively distributed by Maple Flavour !

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Capacity 250g
Composition Bleuets sauvage, petits fruits, sirop d'érable pur
Origin Prévost (Québec) Canada
Producer North Hatley

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