Barbecue sauce with smoked maple 250ml

A Canadian smoked maple barbecue sauce. Product of the North Hatley sugar bush, made from their own pure maple syrup. For all lovers of grilled meat, the maple barbecue sauce will go perfectly with it...

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The North Hatley sugar bush, located in Prévost, Quebec, is a company specializing in the production of high quality maple products.

Among their entire range of maple products, maple barbecue sauce. Without a doubt the flagship maple product of their maple grove renowned for the natural manufacture of their products, all made from their own 100% pure maple syrup.

To accompany barbecue meat or simply grilled, also your vegetables, potatoes, this sweet and savory sauce will be a great accompaniment.

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Capacity 250ml
Composition Sauce barbecue, sirop d'érable pur
Origin Prévost (Québec) Canada
Producer North Hatley

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